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Accessible to individuals of all ages and fitness levels, padel is low-impact, sociable sport that suits various skill levels.


Padel, an origin sport from Mexico, is typically played in pairs on a slightly smaller court than tennis doubles. Despite sharing the same scoring system as tennis, it features distinct rules, techniques, and strokes. The balls used are similar but with reduced pressure. Key distinctions include court walls for ball rebounds, akin to squash, and solid, stringless racquets. Additionally, when serving, the ball’s height must not exceed waist level.

In padel, participants use solid, stringless racquets and a specialized, softer ball with lower pressure. The court is enclosed by walls on all sides, allowing ball rebounds to maintain gameplay.

The sport is played in doubles with tennis-like scoring. Points are gained when the ball bounces twice in the opponent’s court, goes out, or hits the net. To secure a set, a team needs six games with a two-game lead, and two sets secure the match.

Padel offers dynamic, captivating gameplay with wall dynamics.

It’s a growing sport with over 25 million enthusiasts in more than 90 countries.


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